Meet the artists


“Martyn is a London trained tattoo artist and the owner of the studio. He also has a Ba (honours) degree in Fine Art. Originally a Mural artist, oil painter, photographer and sculptor, he now applies his extensive knowledge of art to the production of high quality, custom tattoo work in a wide variety of styles “

Martyn’s Portfolio


“Leah is an incredibly talented all round artist, and the Manager of the Studio. Working in various mediums from pencil to oil painting and mixed media. She is passionate about art in all its forms and will create custom designs, beautifully executed to fit the body perfectly and provide years of pleasure and satisfaction”

Leah’s Portfolio


“Holly is a very talented artist whom Fine Art Tattoo had the pleasure of training and working with for many years. She has since left England to open her very own studio in Enniskillen, Ireland. ”

Holly’s Portfolio

Junior Artists

“This studio will often undertake the training of already proficient artists to teach them the art of tattooing as well as all the other aspects of health and hygiene associated with best practice in the industry. They are closely supervised and mentored by the senior artists at the studio”

Junior Artist Portfolios

* All the artists are self employed *