Getting inked

Booking your tattoo

The more information you can provide such as size, placement, style, colour and budget the closer we will be able to get to the image you have in mind. Any reference material such as similar tattoos, ideas and pictures will help us to ensure we are working towards the same end result.

Tattoos may be booked in a number of ways; you can attend the studio and speak directly with our artists, who will be able to advise you on design, size, placement, styles and discus what options or artists are best placed to suit your needs. You can also book via email or over the telephone. See deposit policy

Before you come

Getting a new tattoo is like having a minor medical procedure. Your skin is penetrated by rapidly moving needles that deposit ink beneath the top layer. Once completed, your tattoo is in fact an open wound, prone to infection and requiring care.

This is why its vitally important to follow your artists recommendations of pre-care and aftercare instructions to ensure the tattoo heals well and doesn’t require any medical intervention.

Make sure to keep yourself well hydrated in the days before your appointment, and it can be beneficial to moisturize your skin regularly (but not the morning of your appointment).

Please refrain from taking aspirin and avoid excessive consumption of alcohol and caffeine for 24/48 hours before your appointment.

On the day of your appointment

Make sure you wear something comfortable that you don’t mind getting stained. While we do try to avoid making a mess of your clothes, it is sometimes unavoidable due to the nature of tattooing.

Its important to have a decent meal before your appointment, this helps to keep your blood sugar levels up. If you have a long appointment its good idea to bring snacks and sports drinks for the same reason.

You can bring a book, headphones etc… to occupy yourself whilst you’re being tattooed.

If you’re lucky enough to look younger than 25, make sure to bring your ID.

Deposit Policy

A non refundable deposit is required before any customers will be given an appointment in an artists diary.

Artwork, custom designs and research will only be carried out once customers have been booked into the diary.

Should you need to change your appointment for any reason, a minimum of 3 working weeks notice will be required in order for any deposit to be transferred to a new date.

Your appointment starts from the time you are booked into the diary at the studio.

If you are 30 minuets late for your appointment, your deposit will be retained and you may forfeit your allocated time in the studio. Booking the same tattoo will then require a further deposit.

Still have questions?

We understand you may have some questions that our guide hasn’t answered, feel free to contact us.